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10+ MUST Have Infinity Tattoo Ideas for You



Whether or not you believe in the actual meaning and significance of Triquetra symbol, getting it tattooed while having it encapsulated within a larger circle​​ on your upper arm​​ is something you should definitely go for.


Lower arm​​ Trinity knots​​ involving your skin color​​ is one of the commonly sought designs these days.​​ Mix it up with a darker color – black or navy blue – and it will give a perfect look.


For men, there is no better place to get a meaningful tattoo on than their upper chest. Trinity knots convey a powerful message about how various entities interconnect with each other, so go for this design on your next visit to your tattooist.


Looking forward to standout in your next public appearance or at a friend’s get together? Go for a Triquetra symbol on your left or right wrist. Very likely that you’ll get rid of that wristband you’ve been wearing all this time!​​ 


When it’s about getting a tattoo on your upper back, choosing the best design yet having a strong meaning is something every individual pays attention to. A​​ very nice spot to get a Trinity knot at.


Similar to a wristband, Trinity knot designs at the same spot without the band can look equally good.​​ Different color combinations can also be used, depending on your gender, age, etc.​​ 


Upper arm is the sweetest spot among men to get a tattoo on that tells a lot about your personality. Go for a dark-colored Trinity knot design, either with smooth edges or rough.


Getting a Triquetra on your ankle, connected with an ankle bracelet is something that will make you standout in your next hangout with your friends! It looks pretty elegant while giving the interconnection message of the symbol.


Small-sized ankle Trinity knots look as good as the ankle bracelets or large-sized triquetras on the same spot when it comes to tattoos for women. This design can be done in various color shades and sizes.


Getting a meaningful tattoo that has a logical, religious or a spiritual message hidden​​ inside it is something very common, yeah? Add one or two names that matter to you a lot, and now it will give that complete look that you were looking for.​​